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I am Stacy Krager, natural light lifestyle photographer of Peoria, Illinois. I'm so glad you found your way to my photography blog! This is my space to share everything that is me. At this point in my life it just so happens to be two main things: my amazing family, and my photography. I will share with you highlights from our every day life (because every day is special and precious...and I rarely find something not worth capturing in photos), and images from my client sessions. Each client gets a tiny sneak peek after our session so hopefully we'll see *you* here soon! "To me, rarely is a moment not worth photographing" ~ Jen Thompson

Dear Hailey,

One morning a few weeks ago, before all of the hussle and bustle of the holiday season began, I took a few hours to capture you just as you are right now.  It was in the midst of a hundred client sessions and me spending countless hours at the computer, editing other families’ treasures. This was a much needed break. A time for me to connect with you, take a deep breath and grasp at this time that is flying by at lightning speed.

I have the insane privelage of staying home with you every day. So we have fabulous mornings. Mornings full of cartoons, flashlight games, sippy cups and a little light cleaning ;) . Oh! And this morning was extra special because it happened to be the first sign of snow here in Illinois. When I look at these pictures I honestly feel like the luckiest mom in the whole world.

You are now almost 19 months old…a year and a HALF! What on earth happened to the last year and a half…seriously…who took it? I want it back! So before we forget, here are a few random thoughts about you right now.

1. You love your kitty Uncle Jeff gave you for Christmas last year. You carry her around with you everywhere you go. When you wake up from naps, the first words out of your mouth are “T? T?” because that’s all you can say out of “kitty”. This could not be any more adorable ;) .
2. You love to explore e v e r y t h i ng! We are forever chasing you around the house trying to keep you and our house safe…be we couldn’t be happier doing it.
3. You have this crazy obsession with pens. Maybe someday you can explain this to me :)
4. Your favorite food of all times is blueberries. You eat them up like candy! And you are just starting to be friends with the veggie group again, much to the delight of your ex-dietitian mother.
5. You have become our little parrot. Anything we say, you repeat. Yesterday in the car the sun was in your eyes and you busted out with “bright….bright” while covering your eyes. Now how on earth did you learn that?!
6. You have just started saying “I love you”…it comes out “I u” and you say it with such enthusiasm that it just melts our hearts each and every time.
7. You are already showing how much you care about others. When you’re around other toddlers, you are quick to grab them a blankie, or a sippy cup, or pat their backs. You are just a sweetheart like that.

We are so lucky to be your mommy and daddy little angel. We love you with all our hearts!

PS ~ I’m trying to some new logo watermark fonts, so bare with me ;) .














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